Meet the shiny MUNBYN silver glitter thermal labels! These round stickers are unique because they sparkle and look great on anything you stick them to. Whether you run a small shop or send lots of packages, these labels make everything prettier.

These thermal labels love most kinds of label printers. That means you can print on them with whatever MUNBYN label printer you have, and they'll still look awesome. With MUNBYN's silver glitter labels, your packages and products will shine bright and stand out, making everyone remember how cool your stuff is!

Worried about water or greasy fingers messing up your beautiful labels? Don't be! These stickers don’t mind getting a bit wet or oily – they keep sticking and stay nice to look at.

These labels are also super handy. You can print all sorts of stuff on them, like squiggly lines called QR codes that take people to your website with a camera scan, your business logo, or important info about what’s inside the package. The printed stuff stays clear and easy to read, even if it's tiny.

You can put these sticky circles on lots of things. They work on smooth or bendy surfaces like glass jars, plastic containers, metal tins, or paper boxes. Because they're round, they look really nice on round things like candles or lotion bottles. However, it's important to note that these labels may not adhere as effectively to rough wood surfaces due to the uneven texture.