Keep your home or business organised with a variety of multicoloured labels. 100mm x 150mm fanfold stickers adhere to tags and help you arrange your keys. Conventional file folder labels are affixed to manila folders to keep tax records, financial paperwork, and even school assignments organised and easily accessible. Teach your high schooler organisation by designating each topic a specific colour, or keep track of each child's permission slips and school records by allocating a colour to each youngster. Personal and business letters are made more enjoyable with colourful mailing stickers.

About this item

  • [ Specifications ] 4" x 6" (101.6mm x 152.4mm). 500 shipping labels per stack. Tips: It is only suitable for thermal printers and NOT for laser or inkjet printers.
  • [ BPA/BPS FREE ] BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical. It may cause endocrine disorders and have certain effects on people's health. MUNBYN Direct thermal paper has passed RoHs certification. It’s tested that the paper doesn’t contain any carcinogens like BPA, BPS.
  • [ Waterproof and Oil-proof ] Smudge-Free and Resists Scratches, Water, Dirt, Dust, and Grease. Blank 4x6 mailing label with the perforated line for easily peeling off.
  • [ Fade Resistant & Reliable ] The thermal labels use upgrade material that prints crystal clear images and easy-to-read barcodes, and labels use premium-grade adhesives that long-time stick to package surfaces.
  • [ Strong Compatibility ] The printer labels are perfectly compatible with MUNBYN, Rollo, Zebra, iDRPT, Polono, Jiose, K Comer, LabelRange, OFFNOVA, and other direct thermal printers without the hassle of sheets waste, or jams.

The label size calibration steps are as follows

  • 1. Load at least 4 consecutive sheets of label into the printer.
  • 2.Turn on the shipping label printer
  • 3. Press the FEED button and hold on .
  • 4.Release the button when you hear one 'Di' sound.
  • 5.Then, the printer will calibrate the label size and properties.
MUNBYN Shipping Thermal Labels are crafted from superior thermal material that guarantees sharp, clear, and long-lasting prints.
MUNBYN shipping labels can withstand both hot and cold environments.

With MUNBYN coloured shipping labels, you can create eye-catching printable colour labels and make your next project or cargo stand out. The extra appeal required for every snappy phrase may be provided by labels with captivating colours. Whether you are producing identification labels or shipping labels, these colour labels may help you attract the attention of your audience.

Make your next project or shipment stand out with thermal labels in pink and blue. Utilise the colourful thermal shipping labels as colour-coded ID labels, organisational labels, shipping labels, package labels, and classroom signage. With tens of thousands of free designs and templates, the MUNBYN Print app makes it simple to produce labels with a professional appearance. Almost any surface may be adhered to and maintained by the labels' persistent adhesive grip.

MUNBYN shipping labels are waterproof, scratch-proof and oil-proof.
MUNBYN shipping labels are waterproof, scratch-proof and oil-proof.
MUNBYN shipping labels are waterproof, scratch-proof and oil-proof.
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